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    Hi..I’m seeking for advice as to how can I resolve an issue regarding JMB formation by a group of manipulative individuals at my condo in KL? Doubts has arise as to how can a JMB be formed without a licensed Management company? Which has been acknowledged by Registrar Of Society & DBKL? May I know whom will be the one responsible to do the assessment of JMB being managed in a rightful manner on all cases throughout Malaysia? Reason being that in my condo all maintenance monies due are directly paid to Management company a/c opposed to BMF (Building Management Fund)! Sinking fund fees are forcefully being collected despite rejection from purchasers, water charges on the rise despite poor quality, insurance premium on the rise, house rules not in order and many other issues. We would appreciate if you could help advice as to whom can we lodge report over these matters? TQ


    Please, get yourselves the Building & Common Property Act 2007, an of shoot of the Strata Act. You will find all your answers in it.

    Don’t bother yet with the Strata Management Act 2013. it’s gazetted but not enforced or rather not “di rasmikan” so if any one does follow it’s an illegal act as yet.


    Well done to think of sohnimteg like that

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