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    Residing in a 2 blocks building condominium,with the total units of 292,inclusive of 11% with accessory parcel.
    I have a question,to seek for opinion and answers to it.
    JMB management insist to charge an additional fees on the accessory parcel,based on the calculations from government strata management of weight age factor for accessory parcel,that is additional 0.5% from the monthly maintenance bills.(Stated by law of the government ) Is it True?
    To my knowledge,let it be government strata title or AKTA law are just information and guide lines to building managements.To respects and identify ownership of individual purchases.COB is a subsidiary body to the government,to act and monitor/records meetings in operations of managing buildings,inline to the government policies and also to assist on any dispute and guidance to related issues .I don’t think the government will interfere in any building managements especially internal operations.
    Accessory parcel owners that purchased the units had been managing and maintaining the parcels at their own expenses by landscaping,water and electrical bills.,making a better living environments and enhancing the building images as well.Maybe the JMB managements are not aware that this owners are paying extra on top of existing maintenance bills and forgetting the accessory parcel that earlier obtained is a piece of bare concrete cement.It is unfair to ask the owners to pay extra and not logic in doing so.Then in the other hand ,who pay them for the effort/time/money in turning a piece of junk into a master piece??
    Likewise,Can we be jealous or envy to a person who owns or drive a better car like Bentley or Porsche ??That goes to the same issues as above.


    Are those accessory parcels included in your title? If yes, just pay up loh. If no, you open up the area to the other residents, then no need to pay loh. Also no need to do landscaping cos the management should handle it since it doesn’t really belong to you.


    There is term in the act 663 that is called “House Rules”,which some of the JMB use for their own greed.You can refer to COB or HBA.

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