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    Hi, our condo JMB recently voted during AGM to install additional CCTV in every floor of the block. Each unit has to pay RM70 per month for 12 months for the CCTV implementation. The fee collected will be separated from the maintenance and sinking fee fund. Many of us do not agree as the cost is too expensive and the residents were not informed of the AGM hence the turnout was very low and I heard those who voted for were mainly proxies. Now we are in the process of collecting signatures from 25% of the residents to call for EGM to reject the decision.

    My question is many residents are not paying the CCTV fees now so if an EGM is called later, can they attend and vote during the EGM? I was told those who did not pay will be considered of being in arrears hence JMB can prevent them from attending the EGM. Is this true?


    First of all, you said the residents were not informed about the AGM? In many cases the owners chose not to attend, but when they found out about the extra charges, said they weren’t informed.

    Secondly, do all of you think paying 70/month for 12 months is too much for the cctv? Do you think the cctv cost is too high? Or you just dont want to pay 840 towards the cctv installation?

    What you need to do is to discuss properly among yourselves the real reason this came about. Why most of you didn’t attend the AGM and why you don’t want to pay. Then you can write to the COB and demand an EGM. All of the owners who are unhappy must make sure your maintenance fees are paid up to date to attend the meeting. And no, the special charge (70/month) cannot be taken into consideration for the simple reason it was not provided for in the Act 663.

    If all of you are acting in good faith (not because you guys just want to make trouble), you should be able to get a satisfactory explanation from your JMC. If all of you think the cctv cost from this contractor is too high, get a few more quotations. During the EGM get a motion passed to get the JMC to inform all residents of new tenders available so that everyone gets a chance to tender.


    Thanks for your reply.

    1. I have spoken to fellow residents and all were not aware of the first AGM. We did not see any AGM notice or receive notification in our letter box. I understand there are times residents choose not to attend but I am pretty sure we did not receive notification for the AGM. Is there anything
    we can do about this non notification for AGM as I believe we have a strong case here but it will not be easy to prove as the developer can claim
    that they did send us the notification?

    2. Many residents do not agree with the CCTV costs as we have checked with other CCTV vendors and feel the 840 per unit cost is too high.
    The CCTV is to be installed in every floor of the block. We have 21 floors in 2 blocks and each floor has 9 units. JMB did not share details of the CCTV implementation like vendor selection, how they derive the costs, types and number of cameras to be installed, etc

    3. In order to call for EGM, I understand we need at least 25% signatures from owners. We have about 20% now but may not be able to reach 25% as many owners are from outstation and we cannot contact them. What other options we have to debate/reject the CCTV implementation if we cannot garner 25% signatures? If we ask COB, I think they will also need us to collect the 25% signatures before we can call for the EGM?

    Thank you.


    One more question, you mentioned:

    “And no, the special charge (70/month) cannot be taken into consideration for the simple reason it was not provided for in the Act 663”.

    Can the JMB say since the CCTV fees were voted for and passed in the AGM, it is consider valid and be taken as part of the maintenance (under security) of the condo?



    Yea. The law is bad. Owners surrender their own rights to unreasonable JMB members. Always attend the AGMs, tell all your friends.


    One’s maintenance and sinking fund collection is where the condo’s operation to operate is taken from.

    If there is not enough as to from the maintenance service charges then have an EGM to use sinking fund. When ever sinking fund is to be used. Management Must call for an EGM and get the consent from attendance on count of vote for using capex.

    Normally JMC get into financial problems because developer would have not the know how to calculate the proper as per total sq ft plus expenditure plus inflation plus an additional for emergency repairs etc.

    Then when JMC is formed no one wants to address this area cause you will end up paying more from the present charges.

    Remember this monies are public funds and people who are given responsibilities to safe guard, care, proper usage, and so on. They are answerable if your money has no trace.

    Chairperson and it’s committee are not people in power but merely nominated representative of the majority to act as guardians ……period!!!

    The Act does not come under ROS. Majlis is the one who is issuing stratified dwellings it’s certificate of formation whether JMB or MC

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