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    Firstly, I’m not a parcel owner but merely a tenant. The apartment building which I’m currently renting has a swimming pool, gym room and sauna for both men & women (seperately) It consists of 88 units and JMB has been formed.

    I’ve been renting in this apartment block for the past five years. Initially, prior to the formation of the JMB, most of the tenants are allowed to utilize the facilities on daily basis.However, since last year, the JMB committee decided to ‘close down’ both the Gym and Sauna citing that it consume too much electricity.(since the management owed TNB substantiall amount)

    My question is: Can the JMB decide on such matters. How many in the quorum (JMB committee) is required to approve such decisions? Do you need to call for meeting prior to approve such decisions?

    The committee was legally formed about 1 1/2 years ago. But so far no AGM was called for re-election of committee members.

    Currently, I believe, the committee comprises of 12 members and all decisions regarding to overall mantainance are being decided by only a few members. Is this legal or otherwise?

    The committee had also stated that ONLY owners are allowed to use the facilities such as the Gym, Sauna room.

    My Second question is: Are we, as tenants allowed to utilise the facilities since it is under common area of the building?

    Can we deem such actions by the current JMB committee as illegal? to decide on matters without a proper quorum and meeting agendas?

    Shall we refer this matter to the local COB for actions or assistance to resolve this issue for better understanding of all TENANTS.


    Tenant has the right to enjoy all facilities as the owner does. JMB has to think the tenant welfare as well.
    Don’t just a few people did not pay up, they have power to shut down certain area, that is not right. The residence are paying their maintenance charges which includes all those common area.
    Unless the collection are bad, then it is another story


    Are u an authority to answer the queries, can you answer be relied upon?


    This committee is selfish. Vote them out.
    Please ask your owner to attend the AGM, ok?

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