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    I stay in a apartment & the apt is under my brother name. A bunch of indonesian tenants renting a unit above my unit keep throwing rubbish down to my apt backyard (ground unit have a small backyard). At first I just keep quiet about the rubbish but then those Indonesian tenants start to throw down cigarette butts, durian seeds, rambutan seeds, half eaten chocolates & worst still a plastic bag of PRAWN SHELLS AND GLASS BOTTLE !!

    After I complaint to the MC, the very same evening I found graffiti (in Indonesia language) on my front door grilles. I complaint to our MC again & the building manager (one of the owner staying there) told me that the MC CANNOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT !!! Then the next morning my slipper was stolen.

    I make a police report (due to security reasons) and gave the report to the MC and guess what ? The building manager told me since hv make police then DON’T LOOK FOR MC AGAIN !

    I understand that the unit backyard is not a common property but sure the MC can do something about the bunch of indo tenants for throwing rubbish OUT from their rented unit to ground floor.

    So can anyone tell me what is the use of paying maintenance fee every month if the MC do not bother about our security ?

    Then the MC organise a function during CNY inviting JMB members and held at our apartment common area. No memo was given to the owners or residents staying there. Then later the MC told one of the tenants that it was a paid function and the council members have to fork out their own money for attending the function but when I check with another council member, I was told it was not TRUE and that they didn’t have to pay cent.

    So is that mean the MC used the maintenance fund to organise the dinner function for JMB and our MC councils? And if the dinner function was for JMB, why the owners and the residents were not informed since our apartment is under JMB?

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