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    I just got VP on one of the mixed dev in pj that consists of sofo, commercial and residential.

    However, encounter some issue that not clear and no one from developer that able to assist on what we are raised.

    Would like to check and get advice on the following:

    1. Can developer increased maintenance without informing?
    2. Others tower handed over last year sept but my tower just handed over few months ago. Jmb should not form yet right? Others tower jmb/c cannot make any decision on behalf?
    3. How come retail maintenance fees is cheaper than residential as the factor calculate it should be higher?
    4. Should resident should pay the maintenance fees on ommon area at retail? We, owner at this project have lot queries on all this arrangement buy seem that no one experiences to handle this issues.

    Anything from above that able to assist?
    1. Share unit allocation
    2. Maintenance fees allocation that shared by retail and residential
    3. The right of the owner to know the actual application and maintenance charges.

    Thank you and hope from you soon.

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