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    I am the owner of the top floor of the 4 storey commercial building and not residential in nature.
    YTL is a licenced telecommunication co to install BTS with the relevant approval from DBKL.
    The property was sold separately floor by floor to 4 different owners.
    Do i have to get the consent of all the owners to install the BTS.
    Can JMB unreasonabbly reject my proposal to the installation of BTS.
    In the event if JMB and the owners of the other floor reject my proposal can i legally sue them and claim lost of income.
    What is the consequence if i go ahead to install the BTS without the approval of the above persons.


    JMB is meant to do maintenance and look after the building (the whole building). You are the parcel owner that does not mean you can do what you like. The installation has to utilize some parts of the building such as utilities and may I say it may change the view of the building.
    JMB has their power not to let any installation on the building and they have the right to demolish it if they are bold enough.
    Dont just because you want to make some profit, you ignore other people, unless you are willing to share the profit. No heart feeling about this.
    Please abide the rules and regulation and do not act with your own hand.


    How can you sir own the roof which is also a “flat roof”: that houses water tank, Maintenance works to be done and so on. It is common property.

    The underside belongs to you the top side is a “restricted common property”. If any the management must be dealing and the rental goes to Management as income (good if you have very honest and straight forward Building Manager and committee members). By the gratfullness of the JMC/MC CM there can be a one time gratitude payment if the CM wants to.

    So, that would mean that you have the keys to the roof top and management is not controlling or both are having. This is an offense

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