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    Can anybody help me with my problem. I purchased an apartment from the owner in 2011 and I have submitted to JMB office all related documents for them to update their record. Since I took over the unit from previous owner (from 2011 until now), I make sure there is no outstanding fees for maintenance, sinking fund or insurance. My intention is to occupied the unit but due to some reason I have to stay at my mom’s house.So the unit was left unoccupied since 2011 but I do make my regular visit at least once a month to collect bills and pay them and sometimes stay there for a couple of hours and leave the unit after locking the door and grill. However, on 21st November 2013 (Thursday) at 5 pm I was shocked when I found that the locked was replaced with a new lock, grills and the main door were broken.I rushed to the guard to find what had happened. According to him, the residents complained and suspected that something smelly came out from my unit which they claimed the unit was unoccupied and do not know the owner. On 7th October 2013, at night action was taken by police to break the grill and the main door.I could not do anything that afternoon but to wait for the next day to gain further information from JMB office as the office closed at 5 pm. The next morning I went to the office and JMB staff informed me that it was true and asked me to contact the committee member of JMB (which i called him Mr. A) who made the police report. (For information, he is also the head of the floor where my unit is located and any problem arise from the specific floor may be addressed to him.) I managed to contact Mr. A and he explained what had happened on 7th October 2013. Not satisfied with telephone conversation, i called him again asked for a meeting the next day. The next morning (Friday), he explained again that the neighbours complained to him about the smell which has been there for 3 days starting from Saturday, Sunday and Monday and the neighbours suspected it came from my unit. (The JMB office was open on Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm. After checking with JMB office, I found that there was no report or complaint made to the office on Saturday and on the next Monday itself).Acting on the 3rd day of complaint, which is on 7th October 2013 Monday at 7 pm Mr. A called the police and the police take necessary action to break the grill and the main door. After inspecting the house, the police did not find anything even though the smell was still there. After the police left my unit that night Mr. A locked the grill with new lock. When I asked him if he did called or at least make an initiative to call me as the owner of the house before he called the police, he replied he did not because he did not have my number and did not have accessed to JMB office to check my number because the JMB office was closed and further more at that time he was blur not knowing what else to do. When I asked him again did he called the Chairman of JMB informing him situation, he replied no. I said if only he have an initiative to look for my number even though the office was closed, he could have called Chairman to have access to JMB office for my number, I would willingly open the unit for him without breaking it as I stayed about 10 minutes drive from my mom’s house. He said after that incident he did informed the JMB office and made an assumption that JMB office would called to inform me.He then kept quite did not even called me to inform what had happened of follow up with JMB office until i found it myself during my routine visit on 21st November 2013.I believe this incident (breaking the unit without owner’s knowledge could be avoided if Mr. A take extra initiative to look for my number) or wait for the next day for him to take my number. Then I insist to meet the Chairman of JMB and we had a meeting on Saturday afternoon. Surprisingly and to make it worst scenario, the Chairman of JMB claimed that he only aware of this incident when Mr. A told him on that Saturday morning (23rd November 2013).I said to him this incident happened on 7th October 2013 and it took 1 month plus for him to be informed and not even one courtesy call to me from Mr A, or from JMB office itself (as they have been informed by Mr. A earlier)

    My questions are:-

    1. Does the owner has the rights to be informed on what is going to happen to his unit? (in my case before or after police take necessary action to my unit)
    2. How far can the committee or the head of the floor exercise his power?
    3 What are the SOP before any action being taken to any unit regardless the unit is occupied or not?
    4. Does the committee have the right to do anything they think right even though it may effect others owner’s right?
    5. Can I proceed with legal action?

    Thanks for reading it and appreciate if someone could help on this matter


    There is various wrong doing as on legality. Both the Building Manager and the Chairperson are not aware of their individual protocol. The BM must be an idiot because for one any new purchaser’s lawyers would had asked for consent to transfer any dues to be paid and so on to Management Office. So in record they could have called the lawyers office to get to you!!!!!!!!.

    It is the responsibility of both Management and new Proprietors to inform the office that a SP & A has been transacted. By doing so the “scroll of the legal proprietor” is in record and it has to be sent to the COB’s office whenever…..

    Also, BM’s communication to guard and SOP are not proper. Chairperson don’t physically go to Police station!!!!!! Why did they engage a BM for….”Makan Gaji ke”. By law any person can make a police report. Police needs a court order to “force entry” also they have all the means to track you if one idiot cannot.

    There are that needs to be explained and about your rights.

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