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    Hi, we are facing problems here with the condo management and the JMB seems to be not doing anything to help the residents. The management does not seem to be doing anything to resolve various issues highlighted by the residents from having a new paint job for the condo, to the repairs of the pool to the lift maintenance, etc. They have even proceeded to make repairs to the boom gate without notifying the residents on the cost of repairs. What can we do to demand for an explanation from the JMB and Management?


    I’m from Management side, from a few other project, I can safely say that, although parcel owners are paying MF/SF to Management, however, the Management does not have the right to use the money unless it is authorized by selected committee members, in most cases, 3 signatories are required before any big expenditure can be carried out. The issues you have highlighted is considered a big expenditure, hence required those signatories, if there is a short of even one signatories, the Management is unable to perform it’s required duty. As per your boom gate question, the Management should be able to provide the repairs receipt if asked for, from the parcel owners. However, they do not require to notify the parcel owners about every expenditures, as they are only required the JMB’s approval, JMB, of which the parcel owners unanimously elected to be the committee members.

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