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    Can a non member involved in the running of the day to day management of the condo?


    In what sense a non-member?
    Is it a paid manager?
    If so, yes.


    JMB stands for Joint Management Body. Who comprises of JMB? Actually JMB members are all legal purchasers or owners of a unit in the whole condominium. When someone sue JMB, in actual sense, its all legal purchasers or owners are being sue. JMC stands for Joint Management Body Committee. JMC are a small group of representatives selected from among the JMB members. JMB’s duty is on common facilities. The problem in and within a unit comes under the responsibility of each unit owner. So, don’t sue the JMB because of your own personal unit problem.


    If JMB members do not care about solutions for common areas affecting your property, then, sue them.

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