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    Hi guys ..can i get ur opinion or feedback from u all’s regarding the JMB rules.
    My fren is 1 of the JMB MC,where he was selected recently. He try to manage to bring the Apt for better conditions. Previous MC have left it debts with Syabas n tnb,currently my fren trying to settle down the debts n mean while doing collection for the outstanding payments for Syabas n Maintenance to repair the roadworks n the apt was look very terrible in term of not in proper conditions.
    So when the MC n the teams was doing some collection of fund from the owners n also tenants for the outstanding, they refuse to pay n the outstanding is most probably RM 3k each HSE.
    In this case what are the actions can be taken against the Hse owner / the tenants. Can we lock down the water or can we sue them or else any other actions which do not break the rules.thx


    Hi this is my opinion since i am a JMB cmtte.
    1. The police can check every unit when they suspect anything amiss/fishy in the unit.At certain times owner can’t be no need to wait for.

    2.You must check this with COB.

    3.There is no SOP, if the police wanted to go in..they will.

    4.Certain rules can be enforce by the committee(they represent the residents)under house rule.It must be informed to residents by a simple memo.

    5. Thats your wish! normally committee is covered by the error and omission insurance.

    My humble requests,try to settle this amicably with your JMB or you can refer to COB for further action.Don’t waste your money..


    Your legal answer is “every proprietor (if strata not issued yet) and if it has then they become “unit owner/s” must pay all chargeable due to the JMC or MC no two ways about it. Water belongs to Syabas and it’s consortium. No other department, establishment or person has the right to disrupt water.

    According to English law ” water is a basic necessity to survival. Thus 1st in High Court and then Appeals Court an owner sued JMC for disrupting water and he won. John VS blah blah Management Corporation. Some do the twist arm tactic …….it only takes a person well versed in the Strata Act to sue.

    The BCP Act clearly states that JMC or MC are to apply to court to attach belongings/also known as property too “moveable items” in the unit to address the arrears due to Management. This is the only action, any other is illegal. Yes, the question of funds avail needs to be addressed…..cough it out first then get it back with claims from the ignorant owner/tenants.

    The COB must be informed on the defaulters list. The COB will write to the proprietors to pay or initiated by COB’s legal department they will proceed to court ,,,,,,,,also on the COB’s jurisdiction.

    This is where the time factor/ efficiency/ promptness/staff’s off the department is questioned. As one will observe in any……. if he/she is a Malaysian.

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