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    I rented a shop to operate a cafe biz. When i signed up the tenancy agreement with my owner, i had strongly requested to use the carpark area (only for carpark that were fronting my cafe) at 7pm to 4am (which is after office hour). And my owner suggested to apply from the management, which i did and i obtained the written approval from the management. After a year, JMB was formed i received a notice that i was not allowed to use the carpark area and if continue to use it they will fined us rm100 per day. If that the case, what shall i do? I have all written approval and developer and my owner was aware about it. Can they overwrite the written approval that i had obtained? Where is our right as tenant or owner(which is not committee). Once the new JMB was formed, everything was charged and increasing of water bill by RM0.80 per reading and sinking fund RM0.50 per sq ft. Our bill was very high. Front and back Corridor also charged us. Does JMB had any right to simply imposed the charges on us before bring us for discussion or just simply increase the price?


    My suggestion if the JMB have a Building Manager get him to inform the owner of the above unit. The pipe burst in the upper unit donot fall under the common property. If the owner have a House Owner policy he should be able to claim.

    The other suggestion contact the upper unit owner directly.


    Hmmmm. Sounds great


    Never contact the upper unit owner yourself. They will not like it unless they are your friends.
    If JMB members do not care to contact them then they ought to resign and retire because they are unfit to be management people.
    Watch out the partiality of JMB people. They help the people they respect more than the people they dislike. Test this out yourself and you will know what I mean. They have different standards.

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