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    Can someone help me with this? I own a apartment in Las Palmas Bandar Country Homes. I bought it cash 2 years ago. In the beginning of 2013, I secured a buyer and signed a Sale&Purchase Agreement. Buyer secured a loan with CIMB, signed loan agreement and towards the final release of payment, the bank requested a copy of quit rent paid to Pejabat Tanah Gombak (PTG). I have been paying my quit rent to JMB but they have not paid to PTG for past 2 years. JMB’s reason for not paying is that not all unit owners paid their dues. CIMB is not wanting to process the final release of payment without the quit rent payment proof from PTG. What is my right against the JMB as regard to this matter?


    Lodge complaint to the COB and c.c. the complaint to the JMB. If the JMB does not wish to pay the quit rent, then why collect from other in the first place?


    Any MC/JMB should not delay, and should not have valid reason for delay in payment for water / electricity / quit rent, etc. It’s their duty and responsibility to chase for the outstanding, and not to wait for the payment of the outstanding from the owner. In your case, shall you have concrete evidence that the JMB is delaying the quit rent payment, you should seek the intervention from the COB-PTG branch.

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