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    Can someone advise me, technically how to dissolve a non-performing JMB committees? The JMB was formed in less than a month from date of vacant possession and the most committees are not living there. They rented their units to outsiders/foreigners. Incidents of lift breakdowns, robberies, cleaning quality are NOT being addressed effectively & they don’t even aware of the lifts broke down prob! Majority of residents cum buyers DO NOT want them to hold that posts in JMB but do not know what to do…and the maintenance charges are high @ RM150 monthly with NO pools, no courts, no landscape garden, etc… Our apart are just mid range with surau, dewan serbaguna, toilets & small playground for kids.


    People have been saying that the current JMB was formed out of personal motives of this 1 guy (who is the Pengerusi JMB) who wants to make personal profit/platform to gain money from the apartment maint. The Vice Pengerusi is his son, the treasurer is his son in law…How can this happen? What channel we (house owners) have to eradicate this prob?? How to disolve this corrupt JMB committees? PLS HELP ME!!


    and worst scenario now, there exist 2 Persatuan Penduduk of the same apart building! and each fighting to materialise their ideas and claim that the other corrupt, money politics, etc..My concern is to solve the prob of the hse owners not power gaining. The o/stdg elec bills of the common facilities has came up to almost RM20K and the JMB said they don’t have enough money to pay!..and that by June if the situation not being alleviated, we (house owners) have to make our own way by stairs! Believe it or not???


    Check Building & Common Property Management Act or the new strata management Act, if it is not conform to requirements of the law, than they are acting illegally, you may able to bring to attention of Commissioner of Building or Local Authority ie your Majlis Perbandaran. good luck


    We once had a smiliar problem and we were in dilema so we approached the ROS but it seems it was getting into deaf years although it may seem that they are helpful but trust me they are a USELESS department among the ministry! No wonder why all JMB in town are having problem. These ROS do do any assessment to maake sure JMB follows rules & practise! There the next cause of action I did was to bring up the matter with TV station where yoou get highlight with issue in hand. Further to that I sent a coplaint pledge to JPM’s dept. Thereofore now we are waiting for some action to be taken with our JMB! Good luck..

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