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    I am the president of a JMB in KL. One of my JMC members are acting against the best interest of the committee. Can I remove him?How do I remove him from his post?


    You should have a code of conduct so meetings are not disrupted.You could have this person removed as of no confidence.Vote of no confidence.


    If majority of Council Member feels in your favour in votes you can remove the person. Normally they wont leave without asking for the world of explanation and justifications and legality.

    So, the best way is to write to COB of the issue and together with signed support of other CM send a letter or meet the COB explain then hand over the letter (make sure a copy is acknowledged received for your record)

    To make this work ask the COB to acknowledge receive off your letter. Also, with the support of other CM on vote now the COB will only has to agreed on your letter of JMC majority vote to remove the person. Thus no argument from him but to honour the COB’s letter

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