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    Hi, I have an issue with my area’s JMB.

    -There is a crack on the walking pathway (common property) on top of my apartment house.
    -Whenever there is a rain, water will leak into my house. I want to repair the crack, but JMB does not allow me to do so, as it falls under common property. JMB itself doesn’t bother to repair the crack.

    So I’d like to know whether i can rent the walkway on top of my house from JMB, so in return I can repair the crack on it.


    The walking pathway at the common property is indeed belongs to JMB’s jurisdiction, and they have to act on it upon receiving complaint from tenant / owner. However, the law is grey in the time frame to be taken by the JMB. Thus, only solution is that you may lodge official complaint to the JMB, and if there’s still no action after few complaints, you may issue them lawyer letter. Otherwise, vote them out during the AGM.

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