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    Hi,I am staying in an apartment.The new Jmb is formed after the AGM. We just took over for less than a month, The problem is,some of the contractors are demanding immediate payment ETC,lift,cleaners,security firms.Most of them have not been paid for the past 6-10 months!some of the contractors that was terminated by the previous committee sued the Jmb and have won,they are demanding to break the sinking fund to reimburse their outstanding due.All the lawyer fees and interest have doubled the amount!So,as the chairman of the current committee,what should i do?Can the Jmb sue the previous chairman or the managing agent hired by them?Or i just wait for the last court order to break the sinking fund.How to inform the residents of this problem?Who are responsible for all this mess?Anybody,please share your opinion.


    What had happened to your collection thus far? did u get ur account audited yearly? Not mistaken, JMB can be sued…


    The root of your problem is surely nonpayment of maintenance which leads to failure of payment to contractors etc for the past 6 months. Instead of suing the previous chairman, why not look into your collection


    I am facing the same problem. This is what I did
    (1) I told the contractors that they can either wait or i will change the contractors and terminate their services
    (2) The contractors that agrees with my settlement plan was retained and the one that did not was replaced
    (3) On new contractors appointed, the payment is made within 90days from date of invoice.
    (4) The old contractors are free to do whatever they like including engaging lawyers. We simply ignore their lawyer letters and did not hire any lawyer to handle our case.
    (5) In the meantime I work out a fee recovery plan from residence. Enforced the house rule. I chose NOT to pay the common area electricity bill until TNB issued termination notice. I then pasted the notice in all areas and highlighted that JMC will let TNB cut the electricity supply unless we get 95% people to pay. If TNB service is cut, we will display the name of all the people that did not pay and let those who pays to handle them. All this are displayed prominently with a big banner. The collection has gone up tremendously

    We just need to be creative

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