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    I live in the apartment which is used ‘guarded apartment system’ ever since under the management of developer Sime Darby. Then after 2007 the JMB was formed here. Before the formed of JMB,we paid the maintenance fee to the Sime Darby staff which was came here in every month,.Although most of the residents here fail to pay the maintenance fee on time but we were allowed to pay the installment we have base on our financial ability. I was satisfied during the management of Sime Darby cos I can see how they managed our apartment area with the cleaner,guard and everything. But things were changed when the management taken over by the JMB. There were no guard at the entrance,no cleaner to sweep the rubbish or clean the swimming pool ( do not open at all to the residents here for more than a year) and the most unfortunate was no light from the road at our parking lot. Actually, I was kept paid the maintenance fee but when things changed like that so I just stop paying. I felt like useless to pay some money if the JMB done nothing.
    So last year the JMB was changed their committee and the residents here can see their effort to manage our area but another problems came like :
    1. The chairman of our new JMB love to cut the trees around here and and burned it.
    2. This year we were asked to buy a new sticker for our vehicles based on the amount of vehicles belong to the residents here or we also allowed to buy the stickers for our relatives which not live here too,so that easy for them to enter this area. The purpose we were asked to buy the stickers because the ‘guarded apartment system’ will be applied again.
    3. I can see most of the residents ( owners/tenants) followed the order. Unfortunately the’ guarded apartment system’ just started feb this year and was run by a security company and of the guard was our JMB chairman’s father. What a weird ? And this system only just lasting until july this year.
    4. And here come another problem, rite now they are going to implement a new system ‘Auto gate with the access card’ to each residents. They only informed to us the residents through the memo which was paste on the notice board in every block without asked our permission like sent us with approval letter from the residents to build up the auto gate.
    5. My question here, are the committees of JMB have authorities like they did to implement and cancelled the rules just like that. They also never gave us any details explanation why the guarded system was stopped suddenly.Are they allowed to prevent our vehicles enter this area, In fact we still have the car/motorcycle stickers.
    6. The cost to build the auto gate is Rm24,000 and Rm1000 for the access card. Are they the committees of JMB free to use the money just like that without having any approval from the residents here.I got the info about the price from the worker who was build the auto gate.
    7. I am personally do not agree with the auto gate cos we are not living in the condo and the fences surrounding our are just not match with it,where anytime intruders can cut it to enter our area.
    Well that’s all I can write although there still more things I want to write. Really need advise and opinion what actin should I take.


    Hi. I am also now having bad experience since JMB took over the building management role. My friend has advised me to report this to REHDA or Local Council. I am now writing official letter to complain, but have not decided which authority or association to send it to. You may try with either one…


    Some JMB members are horrid creatures.
    The Act is bad, and the law does not protect owners.
    Try not to buy strata properties because such JMB members can make owners suffer even more by upppppping the charges. This is why I deem them horrid creatures.


    when there is such a JMC members report to the COB’s office immediately. Land are scarce and population and migration from other state and now legal and illegal help, assistants, co worker and etc we need to live on stacks. The act has definitely removed and put a stop to the bullying of the developers.

    Remember please “what is a government without the people and people without a government” you put them there so you can also remove them.
    Whenever there is very serious problem write to the COB for an EGM.

    Rehda is for developers. Before, the COB’s office was in all Majlis under the Property Management Council which was below Valuation Department below Datuk Bandar. Now it comes under the Housing Ministry.

    the order

    Act of Parliment
    Property Management Dept

    Government Valuation Department is with the Finance Ministry,,,,Surprised!!!

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