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    What if the MC just lock down our apt unit water supply without any notice etc.? Is it against the law for the MC to do that?

    Half year ago when I paid my maintenance contribution & water bill in the MC office (located in same block), I have told the clerk that I did not receive any invoices from the MC. I told the clerk that if there’s no invoices, I cannot pay. And until now I still did not receive any invoices so I did not make any payment on water bills (since 6 months ago).

    Now the MC lock down our apt unit water supply. Make me more angry and I refuse to pay them any cents!

    So the MC have the rights to lock down our water supply?

    Thank you and regards.


    Unit is bought with connection of water and electricity. S&P and Deed of Mutual convenants does not sanction water supply cut to enforce maintenance collection. That’s similar to spraying red paint on your door (which is just as illegal)! Sad thing is, though the JMB’s action is illegal and they know it, they do so because they know most unit owners won’t want to hire and pay a lawyer to sue them.


    Actually the MC did not have the right to stop water / electricity supply. And to make the situation worse, you stop the payment!

    1) If you didn’t receive the invoice, you may visit the MC office to get the clerk to print out your water bill.

    2) You may sue the MC for their illicit action, but once again, it’ll be lengthy process here and the question is who’s going to foot the bill?


    No they cannot. My advice make a police report “don’t expect them to do anything” this will be your record for suing MC later. Then write to COB “don’t expect any action from them too”.

    Allow me to explain the the added problems that they have caused. COB has been advising to “Management” if it is stated in the House rule book …….they can.

    Now there is a case law in the Appeals Court that “they cannot”. So when primary says cannot secondary is saying can. I will let you decide if I am talking about People,Court of law, COB, law and or rule.

    I asked the COB at Maju Junction…..and i quote:” who is or rather has the power to decide on the Act of Parliament, point of law and to over rule you (the COB)”. Thus the COB has disrespected the Courts Rule on a case law. There is another case law where the COB was also used by a proprietor jointly with MC. To me the COB in certain district only writes letter to JMC and MC of “show cause letters”.

    Can anyone out there tell me if during AGM or EGM you see anyone from the COB office to advice and to monitor the floor.

    Your answer……. just sue or call for a press conference


    Thanks for the update!

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