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What is Knight Young ? And how does it work?

JMBMALAYSIA.ORG is a professional body that match up JMB with their potential candidates, replacing traditional management companies. Under our network, every members work independently under one Standard Operation Procedure – Govern by a system which keep track of everything, from tasks,attendance, payments,vendors, agreements to residential details.

Unlike traditional management company- JMBMALAYSIA adopted business licensing model with Insurance like hierarchy.

  1. This allow building managers to set up their own business under our brands.
  2. And because we are also the back end for the shared services like training, accounting, marketing and supports, the managers can now expand their business quickers.
  3. For the managers to become Area Managers or even Agencies, He needs to build his own organization, by training up more building managers from the staff under to replace him.
  4. Each position from building managers onwards will enjoy overriding revenue from all project managed under them.

SO instead of working on a fix salary, candidates can generates more revenue from training up good manager to manage more sites.