Strata Management Act  2013 [ Act 757] comes into operation on 1 June 2015 via Federal Government Gazette No. P.U.(B). 237 and 231 respectively for Federal Territories and all the states of West Malaysia except the state of Penang.

Kindly check the link below for the strata management act 2013 & regulation :

  1. Alex Lim 2 years ago

    By now, surely more than 40% Malaysians are living in Strata Title properties. Many MANAGEMENT COMMITTEES (JMB or MC) FAIL TO MANAGE TRANSPARENTLY & ACCOUNTABLY. These ‘rogue’ JMBs & MCs do not manage. i.e. maintenance, repairs & upgradings of damaged .. , paying utility bills, insurances, act as arbitrator for disputes or issues among owners BUT INSTEAD DOING MORE DEVELOPMENTS unlawfully & without consensus of owners; contravening Strata Title Management Acts! THESE ‘ROGUE’ MCs ought to be disqualified and sentenced and charged to save mre than 8 million Malaysians living in Strata properties.

  2. Alex Lim 2 years ago

    Defaulting proprietors are NOT as serious as JMBs or MCs whose managements are in contravention of the Strata Management Act which will affect all the owners and cause massive losses and miseries… e.g. doing projects unlawfully without permit from authorities @ high costs! Owners will lose money and the installations will be demolished by bomba or bangunan….! WHY …. THE SMT ACT STRESS ON THE FAILURE OF PROPRIETORS MORE THAN THE MCs?

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