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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can – just sign up into becoming our members and you can start to post your business profiles with us.

You can check our pricing page here .

Instead of paying thousands of Ringgit for a booth or flyers . Why don’t try spending something much lesser. RM100 a month maybe ? Take building management for example – Average company get about RM 5000 in revenue a month from 1 project. That will be about RM60,000 revenue a year.

If the company pay us RM100 a month for advertisement and they did not get any sales from the ads – It will take the company about 50 years to considered it a loss on it’s investment.

Nop – we do not charge transaction fees. Not because that we don’t want to, but 5 years running TUKANG.COM.MY we know that it is not easy to collect commission from the vendors. So instead of going through all the headache – we thought that we might as well survive from advertisement & sponsorship income.

Our website is having about 100 millions viewers everyday 🙂


Com’on – are you seriously looking to get that kind of answer from us? See – we are not social/entertainment platforms where user come into entertain themself.

Every visitors come in to our portals for a reason – and the reason is closely related to your business. We have about 20,000 visitors a month and the numbers is creasing every day.  We are going to invest more onto the contents and web advertisements for more exposures.

We don’t take hidden fees cause that will destroy all of our efforts on building up a platform that aims to promote transparency and build a better livings for the community at large..




BUT: If there is any big investors out there that can buy out all the participating committee with say… USD800 Millions – yeah we will consider that – but if you don’t have that kind of money, don’t bother…. lol

Yes you can – here is the video on how to get it done. ( working on the video – our boss is too poor to get extra hand to help up 🙂

cannot !


Here are some of the company that supported us to build up this portals - Thanks guys!

Landart Design Sdn Bhd

0 / 5

RK Elevator Sdn Bhd

0 / 5

Knight Young Property Management Sdn Bhd

0 / 5
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50 listings

Management Company

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Here are some of the feedback from our community users.

Exactly What I Need

Looking for contractors / vendors is a pain in the A**.  New JMB like me has no idea who is good and who is not. This platform is just what we need – Thanks Guys !

- Diana Lee

Totally Impressed

This platform is simply genius! In the old days – most management company operates on “Hit and Run” model – they simply don’t care because they know that after a few years – new committee members from the same buildings will come back to them.

Listing of all companies with reviews is really giving us as consumer a heads up!

- Michelle Lim

Awesome Directory

It covers almost everything in JMB – like seriously everything!

If you can’t find what you are looking for here, you probably wont find em elsewhere !

- Rachel Chan

Best supports ever!

Im looking for a management company and 10 quotes within 48 hours! Now that is what we call efficient !

- Natasha Samson


JMB Malaysia is a non-profit web portal started by building management community who wanted to make a different to the industry. Support us so we can continue to build up the knowledge for the communities in Malaysia.


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  • Period Free Forever
  • Max Categories1
  • Listing details
  • Reviews
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  • Contact


Services providers

RM350 / month

  • Period Monthly
  • Max CategoriesUnlimited
  • Listing details
  • Gallery
  • Reviews
  • Location
  • Contact
  • Video
  • Opening hours


Endorsement & Education

RM5,000 / month

  • Sponsors Education
  • Max CategoriesUnlimited
  • Listing details
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  • Opening hours
  • Contact
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