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Stopping break-ins is one of the main reasons why I wanted to develop and install NuTACT SmartCCTV system at home. Let’s watch the Break-in Prevention video to see what break-in prevention means with NuTACT SmartCCTV :

How To Stop Break-in
Basically, I want to be notified when somebody is in front of my grille so I can determine the current situation with the live view app on my smart phone, and take the necessary actions. All IP cameras have this feature called Motion Detect, and basically what it means is the little CPU inside the IP camera will compare the changes in pixels from one frame to the next. If I want to be alerted with the slightest motion or pixels change, then I would set the Motion Sensitivity level to the highest. However, I wouldn’t want that as it would give too many unwanted information such as my neighbor walking pass the common area (Figure 1.)

However, I will want to know if somebody is loitering in front of my doorstep (Figure 2).

Notify Before Break-in Happens

Customized Motion Email Alert

Take Action Before the Break-in

Speed Dial Panic Number

Activate Panic Sirenn

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