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IPC Island Property Consultants Sdn Bhd

to maintain the investment value of the property, professional and effective maintenance of the property including its facilities and plant and machinery, effective performance of our custodial responsibilities by providing full professional attention to the minute details, constant professional attention and advice throughout the asset’s life cycle, creating a safe and pleasant physical environment for the building users, protecting building owners from potential lawsuits and legal charges arising from any negligent act or infringement of any legislation, achieving maximum cash flow and financial return from owner’s investment through effective marketing and financial control, identifying and implementing new strategies to meet the rapidly changing market demands, continuous human resource training and improvement on services, professional tenancy management such as negotiations on tenancy renewals and attending to complaints and doing things right the first time hence contributing towards cost saving.

For further details about this service, please call us at +603-92823500 / +603-92826500 or you can provide us your contact details by filling in the enquiry form below. Our friendly representative will get in touch with you immediately.

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