Condo Facilities in Disrepair

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Condo facilities in disrepair in KEPONG Sentral condo residents are unhappy with the long delay in getting their Joint Management Body (JMB) registered with the Selayang Municipal Council.

The delay, according to the residents, has resulted in many unresolved maintenance problems.

Johnny Khoo, who is a residents association committee member of the condominium, said the management of the building did not have scheduled maintenance, causing the facilities to deteriorate into a bad state in the last few years.

Khoo said the JMB had yet to be formed although the condominium was completed seven years ago.

“The delay in having a JMB has indirectly contributed to the bad state of the common facilities in our condo,” said Khoo.

Among the problems faced by residents are faulty lifts, drains clogged with rubbish, and garbage bins placed at the fire escape, blocking the stairs.

Ceilings also had traces of water leaks and parking lots left with puddle of water after a downpour.

The multipurpose hall was locked and facilities in the gym were not in working order. Some of the fire alarms were also not functioning.

“Every month we pay RM14.45 for a sinking fund to the management but how are they utilising this money.

“We want the developer to address the problems in the condominium as soon as possible,” said Khoo, adding that the owners had yet to be issued strata titles for their units.

“The RA had a meeting with MPS (Selayang Municipal Council) and a representative from the developer but there has been no progress in efforts to set up a JMB,” said Khoo.

Another RA committee Radhia Gulam Rasul said vice activities could be taking place at the condominium. “Last year, a group of men knocked on my door at 3am enquiring about escort services.

“I was shocked and slammed the door,” said Rasul, adding that safety was also an issue as her neighbour’s car tyres were stolen recently,” she said.

A spokesman from the condo management company New Light Century Sdn Bhd said the company was preparing to set up a JMB with the local council.

“MPS Commissioner of Buildings department had given the go ahead and we will form a JMB soon.

“The residents expect all the facilities to be in tip-top condition but we are currently short of manpower and technical support.

“The management will do the necessary rectification work soon,” he said.


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