Joint Management Body Responsible for Lift Maintenance, Says PKNS

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THE Selangor Economic Development Corporation (PKNS) is not responsible for lift maintenance at the Seri Perantau low-cost flats in Port Klang.

PKNS public relations manager Ishak Hashim said the duty to maintain the lifts fell to the Joint Management Body (JMB).

The JMB, Ishak said, was responsible to carry out the maintenance and repairs whenever necessary.

He said the JMB had been entrusted to carry out maintenance of the lifts as well as other infrastructure matters in the area.

“The JMB has also been empowered to collect monthly maintenance from the property owners to maintain the common areas,” he added.

Seri Perantau Block D JMB chairman R. Ettiappan said only an average 30% of the 128 flat owners paid their monthly maintenance fee of RM55, regularly.

He said the JMB was facing financial problems because of the poor collection.

“We have to pay electricity and water bills for the common area and that amounts to RM4,000 monthly.

“It is impossible for the JMB to provide efficient service considering the small amount we receive from residents,” he said, adding that owners who had been paying maintenance from the beginning were the ones continuing to do so.

He said the majority of owners, including those who had rented out their units, owed maintenance fees.

“There are dues, between RM20,000 and RM30,000 collectively, owed by owners from each of the eight floors,” he said.

Ettiappan said their problems worsened recently when the maintenance team had declared the lifts unsafe for operation.

There are two lifts in Block D and both have been shut down.

From the feedback received from the team, the lifts required major repairs before they were declared safe to be used.

“Upon receiving the information, the JMB decided to shut down the lift to prevent any untoward incidents.

“We are aware of the residents’ predicament since the lifts were shut down but we have no other option,” he said.

Ettiappan also blamed PKNS for failing to adequately maintain the lifts prior to handing them over to the JMB in 2007.

At the time of the handover, only one of the lifts was in working order, he said.

“In fact, the lifts were in poor condition as we have done repairs on numerous occasions,” he added.

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