Golden Eagle Security Services Sdn Bhd was established on the 6 th December 19970 to meet the demand of Industrial Commercial sectors for the services of security. It’s to produce level performance that can complement the preventive measure taken by the police. Golden Eagle Security Services Sdn Bhd is private limited company with an authorized capital of RM500, 000.00. The company consists of retired police and army personnel, leading company directors and men with expertise in the security line.

Golden Eagle Security Services Sdn Bhd is backed by the experience and expertise of man who have worked their way through being in several security companies. We are a fast growing agency in the country offering a professional approach with the latest techniques to serve our clients. Due to the rise of our standard of living, which includes daily transactions to cash and valuables. Hence, the need of protect your money and valuables against any foreseen events.

We are here to protect you, your staff and your family from endangering yourselves and becoming victims of any crime. Our personnel are professional, reliable and highly trained to meet the highest standard at the most crucial time.


Security Service

We provide well trained security guards where they undergo certain levels of training. Our local security guards are vetted by the PDRM (Polis Diraja Malaysia). The nepalese (Ex Army) are trained and have served in their country . They will be given training in Malaysia according to our system and culture by our exisiting nepalese senior office. Our nepalese guards are vetted and approved by KKDN( Kementerian Keselamatan Dalam Negeri) before entering Malaysia.

Mobile Patrolling

Company Vehicles Available for reconnoitering premises. Patrolling officers around the premises will be assigned to check anything is amiss and have regular check on guards on duty.

Guard Dog Service

We have trained K9 dogs.These dogs are very sensitive which helps us in quick response for emergencies and it ensures the safety of innocence.

Operation's Room

A minimum of 2 guards will be in the operations room for CCTV surveillance and make sure there are no suspicios movements nor activities taking place.


The entry and exit of visitors at our workplace will be registered in the log book to be updated in the system for safety purpose.

Bodyguards & Escorts

Bodyguards and escorts are provided upon request. The privacy and confidentiality will be our outmost priority when providing our bodyguard. These bodyguards are highly trained for emergency combats and willing to protect at all cost.

Security Survey

This service includes advice with regard to security and fire prevention. The company will carry out investigation and recommend adequate security and fire prevention methods to be used. However, the duties,organization and responsibilities approach to protective services very considerably from plant to plant and firm to firm.

Full Address

69A, Jalan Perdana 6/4, Taman Pandan Perdana, 55300 Kuala Lumpur

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6/4, Jalan Taman Perdana, Pandan Perdana, 55300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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