Nurture the roots, harvest the fruits.

It all begins here, with a simple belief. The belief rooted and grew into a tree we call “Hatten”.

We are not just a property developer, but also a community developer. We believe that a company exists for a purpose – not merely making quality products, creating job opportunities and fulfilling materialistic needs. Like a tree, a company should add value and nurture the ecosystem together.

We specialise in integrating various core businesses like construction, commercial and asset management, retail leasing, hospitality, education, wellness and beyond. Our relentless pursuit for both quality and innovation has captured the attention of the world, winning us many international awards that recognise our values in the industry.

For this reason, along with our unrivalled passion to deliver excellence in all our developments, we believe that what we are doing transcends the livelihood of the communities together and bringing them happiness for many years to come.


Hatten Group is a front-runner in Malaysia's property development, asset management and investment industry. The multi-award winning Group is one of the largest mega-corporations in the region to integrate core businesses in project development and construction, commercial and asset management, retail leasing and hospitality divisions.

Incorporated in 2008, Hatten Group's hallmark of quality innovation has captured the attention of the world, winning numerous global award titles.

From property development to retail management, hospitality and soon, medical and educational infrastructure, Hatten Group continues to push the boundaries of innovation, delivering quality, functionality, aesthetics and services - all bearing the Hatten trademark of excellence.


Enriching Communities Together

We strive to add values for all communities beyond just the materialistic wealth, but in all three facets of life: material, spiritual and wellness. We believe by achieving richness in all three facets of life, one can truly attain happiness.
Material (physical possessions and tangible wealth) + Wellness (overall wellbeing of the humankind) + Spiritual (mental security and peace of mind) = Happiness

Expressed in a plural form, this extends our inclusivity to all communities that are interdependent to each other, not bound by specific geographical properties. We believe that no single community should be left behind, because we thrive when we support each other.

Together, we can make endless possibilities come true. To succeed, sustainability is only possible when all communities work together towards one common goal. This includes the company and the communities where we live together in harmony.

    We enrich these communities together by:

  • * Improve Efficiency
  • * Create Innovation
  • * Gather Resources
  • * Nurture People


To be a distinguished corporation in improving people L.I.V.E.S (Lifestyle.Investment.Values.Environment.Sociability)



Hatten Group strongly believes and adheres to a set of core values in its day-to-day operations. All employees are encouraged to work independently with minimal supervision (initiative). The Hatten team delivers its services through teamwork (unity) with great passion (hospitality), obtaining the best results (excellence) while practicing ethical business standards and conducts at all times (integrity).


Hatten Group

Full Address

10-01, Hatten Square, Jalan Merdeka, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia.

Location Map

Jalan Merdeka, Bandar Hilir, Malacca, Malaysia

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