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Sanjung Etika Sdn Bhd was established and incorporated on 31st March 1997. Being a wholly owned subsidiary of Yayasan Sarawak, Sanjung Etika Sdn Bhd has been incorporated as an investment arm to its parent body. In 2002, Sanjung Etika Sdn Bhd was appointed to manage timber operation for Yayasan Sarawak and now the company becomes a service provider particularly in property management, facilities management, programs and investment.

Facilities Management & Services

Adopting the concept of facility management is gaining momentum the world over. In line with that, Malaysia is quickly catching up with the current trend. Working in abreast with that concept, Sanjung Etika Sdn Bhd has liberty to regroup all property support services into a single contract system and has accordingly  provided a dedicated facility manager to facilitate for the new working system.

Our facility manager acts as a single point of contract for any issue related to our services. This ensures a smooth working co-ordination, that relieves our clients frustration as a result of a non-productive service administration.

Our team constantly works based on the dual objectives of improving the efficiency of the services provided whilst at the same time, striving towards achieving costs effectiveness

Hence, the Sanjung Etika Sdn Bhd’s integrated approach would benefitorganizations in terms of:

  • Convenience:
  1. A single contract package
  2. Individualized Contract System
  3. One-bill billing system
  • Quality of service:
  1. Efficient onsite management
  2. Improvised reporting and follow-up system through the use of software and modern management tools.
  • Savings:
  1. Dynamic management system can lead to re-tuning of service contracts by improvising the rate of efficiency and increasing cost efficiency.
  2. Proper coordination of available resources leading to high rate of productivity.

Among those clients having bigger business facilities or widespread business locations do require a simple and effective delivery system. In this particular aspect, we believe that our Integrated Service measure is an innovative solution to address that very need.

Sanjung Etika Sdn Bhd could always provide customers’ satisfaction, through its team of well-trained staff with full-fledged dedication in acquiring and striving towards the highest excellence services.

In order to effciently provide our broad services, Sanjung Etika Sdn Bhd has divided its services into several specialist divisions:

  1. Cleaning Services
  2. Security Services & Auxiliary Police
  3. Gardening and Landscaping Services

Full Address

Tingkat 4, Lot 4.10, Wisma Satok, Jalan Satok, Kuching, 93400, Kuching, Sarawak

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Wisma Satok, Jalan Satok, 93400 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

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