Refer to Home Ministry Before Appointing Security Service Companies

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KUALA LUMPUR: All quarters should refer to the home ministry before appointing security service companies to ensure they meet the guidelines set.

Deputy Minister Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed said the ministry had a list of problematic security companies which had been given final warning by the ministry.

“The ministry takes a serious view of security companies which failed to provide services as stated in the guidelines.

“We do not intend to intervene in the appointment of the security companies but we do not want to be blamed for problems which might arise in the future,” he said in a statement here Friday.

In June, the ministry distributed a list of security companies which were given final warning and those whose licences were revoked, to all ministries, departments, government agencies and the private sector.

Nur Jazlan reminded the Joint Management Body (JMB) of condominium, apartment and housing to use the services of licensed security companies registered with the ministry.
“If they are found to be using the services of illegal security companies and illegal foreign security guards, we will take action against the employers and the JMB for employing and harbouring illegal immigrants under the Immigration Act 1959/63,” he said.

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