Traumatised 21-Year-Old Says Security Guard Molested Her In KL Condo

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On 27 December 2014, 21-year-old Wong Kwan Yee was molested by a security guard of Le Jardine Condominium. She was returning to her aunt’s condo unit in Pandan Indah where she had been staying for three months when the guard followed her into the lift.
The victim (sitting) and her aunt showing Chong (left) and lawyers Alex Kok (second from right) and James Ee how she was molested by a security guard.
Once inside, she pressed the button for the level she intended to go and the guard did nothing. Suspecting something amiss, she decided to be more alert and stood side by side with the guard.
Relating her ordeal during a press conference at MCA Public Services and Complaints Department chairman Datuk Seri Michael Chong’s office yesterday, 7 January 2015, the cosmetic course student said the guard had followed her into the lift from the first floor.

“I became suspicious when he did not press any buttons but instead stood behind me,” she said.

Feeling uneasy, she moved to stand next to the man who was wearing a security guard vest so she could see what he was doing as the lift was ascending to level six, where she lives with her aunts.

When she tried to exit the lift, the security guard grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth using both his hands
“When the lift door opened, I gestured at him to walk out first, but he did not move,” she told reporters at a press conference by Chong at Wisma MCA.

“The man suddenly grabbed me from behind and put his hand over my mouth while trying to drag me back inside,” she said.

She, however, put up a fight while continuing to shout for help Cosmetic student Wong Kwan Yee’s aunty, Anita Ng, demonstrating how her niece bit the security guard’s fingers to get free from his grip.
Wong managed to put up a strong struggle to break free and fell to the ground just outside the lift.

The suspect tried to pull her in again, but she screamed for help. A resident cooking in her condo unit near the lift came out to see what the commotion was about.

The guard, on seeing the resident, fled into a nearby staircase. Wong suffered minor bruises and some bleeding in her mouth as a result of the struggle.

But when she along with her aunt went to report the incident to the condominium management, they were told that the management doesn’t have details of the guard as he was hired a week before
Wong and some of her relatives went to the security guard office to inform them of the incident and to get some information about the guard when they were told by the security manager that the guard had just started working one week earlier and they did not have much information about him as the guard was recommended by one of the tenants believed to be related to him.

“The management could only give the informal name of the suspect, who was known as ‘Dan’ or ‘Dal’. They said the suspect had been working there on the recommendation of his relative, who was one of the tenants. The management also had not installed any closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) in the lift.”

Following which, they lodged a police report the same day. On 6 January, during a press conference at MCA Public Services and Complaints Department, Chairman Datuk Michael Chong took the condo management to task for not vetting its security guard.
Chong expressed anger at the management for failing to adhere to warnings by the police and government to be careful in hiring guards.

“She could have been raped or killed”
He said it was clear that the management did not follow the standard operating procedures in hiring the guard, which could had led to Wong being raped or killed if she had not put up a struggle.

“Even if the guard was not fully trained, the person should at least be vetted by checking his MyKad details. Without any details, it would be difficult to track them down, especially after they commit an offence.”

“It’s not about whether the guard is a local or a foreigner”
“What is important is that the management should have fulfilled the SOP to ensure the safety of the residents at the condominium. I am grateful that she did not sustain any serious injuries but we will look into this matter seriously so it will not recur elsewhere,” Chong said.
It was reported last year that starting Sept 1, all security firms must screen applicants for guards by checking their MyKad with the National Registration Department.

The move was to prevent the hiring of illegal workers and those using fake MyKad. It was also to improve the quality of guards.

Only Malaysians or Nepalese are allowed to work as guards in the country, following rules and regulations set by the Housing and Local Government Ministry in 2010.
Meanwhile, the victim, who is traumatised by the attack, said:
MCA Public Services and Complaint Bureau chief Datuk Seri Michael Chong (right) relating to reporters the details of student Wong’s (left) experience during a press conference in Kuala Lumpur on Jan 6, 2015.

She is now having difficulty sleeping at night and is always scared whenever she is alone.

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